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"Old Friends Who Like Pie" - Kate Ferris and Peter Paul Van Camp

Fort la Reine Museum is proud to host a Museum house concert "Old Friends Who Like Pie: Kate Ferris and Peter Paul Van Camp". 

On June 7th at 7pm, experience a live museum house concert from Kate Farris and Peter Paul Van Camp at the Fort la Reine Museum. 

Last year during our Meet-U events, Kate Farris was one of our speakers and performers. Everyone enjoyed the event immensely and she will return this year to do a concert with rhymester, Peter Paul Van Camp.

More about Kate Ferris

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Manitoba musician Kate Ferris has been performing since - at the age of 5 - the bus she and her Ma were traveling in got stuck in a snowstorm and Kate proceeded to entertain the passengers (including 3 very nice Nuns) with her own songs and stories. (She would like to think that her material has improved greatly since then, but she DID get a chocolate bar from one of the Nuns, so who knows . . .)

After teaching Elementary Music in Thompson, MB for 11 years, Kate held her breath and quit her job to pursue her dream of performing. She's been chasing that dream ever since - at concerts and festivals across Canada, on lanais in Hawai`i, in pubs in the UK, and for an appreciative crowd in Puerto Rico (although none of them understood English!) 

She's performed with groups as diverse as the Blarney Band, Critter Family, Rodeo Riders, Canadian Content Theatre, and folk trio Small Rooms. She's played gigs that range from being the act right after the local fair's pet contest to twice being guest storyteller with the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra,to opening for Valdy, Ritchie Havens, and performing for the Prime Minister of Iceland!

Discovering the mighty `ukulele in 2003, Kate fell in love with this wonderful instrument and since 2012 has been the `ukulele instructor for the Winnipeg Folk Festival's Folk School.

Just retired from almost 30 years with the Manitoba "Artists in the Schools" program, she's conducted workshops in over 200 Manitoba schools, has appeared nationally on television, CBC Radio and as a guest artist on various recordings. As well, Kate is a popular MC for conferences and public events, using humour and songs written specifically for the occasion. 

Kate spent time in the studio working with award-winning producer Dan Donahue, and was thrilled last fall to release her first solo CD, "Marie's Forest". (It only took thirty years . . .)

Now, one of the songs - "Prairie Girl's Song" - has been illustrated by artist Mary Ann Tully and is soon to be published by Friesen Printing as a children's picture book.

More about Peter Paul Van Camp

Since 1972, when he emerged in the coffeehouses of Montreal, having sought a broadening of his life experience on the heels of a chaste upbringing in Coshocton, Ohio, Mr. Van Camp (he also answers to "Specs") has darn near done it all, except for appearing before YOU YOURSELVES.  A participant at over 70 Folk Festivals and Writer's Festivals spanning the breadth of the Dominion, a familiar face in folk clubs and at institutions of higher learning across the continent, a popular radio raconteur....but let's hear what some of the critics have had to say:

"Mr. Van Camp spilled as much water as he consumed in his nervous attempt to, as he put it, "wet his whistle"  --  Treherne (Manitoba) Clarion

"The assemblage wasn't sure that it would care to listen to his poems when they first saw him come out, but after a while, they didn't mind as much. There was a surprising amount of applause, actually."  -- Winnipeg Tribune

"We couldn't wait until he had finished, on account of having a sitter.  But we liked the part we could stay for."  (a fan, Calgary)

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