Mystery at the Museum: 2017

  • Fort la Reine Museum 2652 E Saskatchewan Ave Portage la Prairie, MB Canada

During the evenings of September 15, 16 and September 22, 23; the Fort La Reine Museum in partnership with Black Kite Entertainment presents

Mystery at the Museum: Case at the Edge of the Woods.

Theatrical murder mystery tours at the Fort la Reine Museum.

"Case at the Edge of the Woods" will be the 7th Mystery at the Museum hosted at the Fort la Reine Museum in Portage la Prairie. The performances are an hour and fifteen minutes of an immersive, interactive murder mystery tour, which unfolds as the audience is taken on a tour of the museum at night, led by a charming Detective. As they audience moves about the village, they will encounter various characters, discover clues and by the end of the show, they will have to decide who is guilty of the murder in the end. With various endings available, your experience will be fun, unique and filled with intrigue.

Following the continuing drafts of World War II, Canada’s small town of Bloom, Manitoba, lives in a state of unease. Although they are far from the chaos, the threat of potential danger is a fear that encourages the collective bravery from many local officials. Those of the highest caliber of merit are from Bloom’s police department, home to Inspector James Buchanan, and his Chief Constable Basil Johnson.

Two young men have been recently relieved from their posts in the war and have returned home to become rangers for Riding Mountain National Park. One is a dashing, young, newly engaged man, Nicholas Thompson, and and the other a married man, Eddie Kendrick, who is the owner of a large farm at the edge of Bloom’s woods. When Kendrick is brutally murdered in his study after an evening of socializing with Thompson and his fiance, Darla Merriweather, Buchanan is plagued with concern and confusion. Hunters have taken up house in Bloom for the winter, medical interns are stationed in the town and a young reporter weasels her nose a bit too close to the case for Buchanan’s liking. Suddenly, the whole town becomes woven into this tragedy, and Buchanan’s initial suspicion of Nicholas Thompson becomes clouded with uncertainty.

There are new people on the block this year, and Buchanan, along with his partner Constable Basil Johnson, must unravel this mystery before the killer strikes again.

October 21
Ghost Walk