Walk ThrOUGH History

Guided tours with our fabulous and fun Museum tour guides are available for groups with advanced bookings. Want to have a more memorable visit, deepen your knowledge about an artifact, or introduce your group to a past way of life that they've only read about? We can make history come alive for your group tour!

We love sharing the history that surrounds you at the Fort la Reine Museum. Minimum group of 6 individuals. 

*Tours are free with standard museum admission, but please book in advance! 

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4 unique tours to experience in 2018!

1. Pioneers and Trailblazers - Settlement and pioneer life (1800's)

2. Beaver Tales - Exploration and early settlers, fur trade and French focus. (1600 - 1700's)

3. Building of a Nation - Uniting a Nation, Canada comes of age (1800's - 1900's)

4. Clovis, the Caribou Hunters - Do you know who the first humans to ever set foot in Manitoba were? Twelve thousand years ago, descendants of the Clovis culture came to Manitoba shortly after the glaciers melted. Discover this culture and learn how they lived, what tools they used, and explore the role of archaeologists in uncovering and sharing their story.

Preschool/ Kindergarten program

Grades 1 - 4 program

Grades 5 - 6 program

Highschool - Adult program



Artifact Find: Explore the museum site on assignment (Free by request)

Quest and Seek: Questions based on the buildings, students will explore the museum looking for the answers.

Schoolhouse Lesson: During your tour the guide will take an extra ten to fifteen minutes teaching a class in our West Prospect School House.

Group Bookings

Reserve your "Walk Through History" tour of the Fort la Reine Museum. Walk the grounds of the Museum with a spirit from the past for our highly acclaimed walking tours that promise to engage and inspire with interactive activities and demonstrations. Tours include: Clovis, the Caribou Hunters Exhibit, Pioneers and Trailblazers, Beaver Tales and The Building of a Nation.

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