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Fort la Reine Museum
Visitor's Centre Project

Capital Campaign

Fort la Reine Museum - a historic landmark of Manitoba's road ecology 

Museum’s are embarking on a journey to find relevance in a time where the demands on one’s attention are at an all time high, and peoples attention span at an all time low in this digital light speed age. The world is changing whether we acknowledge it or not. In response, Museum’s need to change . General Shineseki, former chief of staff for the US Army said, “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less”. We don’t want to be on the other end of this quote. It’s my mission to touch you with what we’re doing at the Fort la Reine Museum to become relevant.

Looking back and looking forward, we build relevance with engaging, thought provoking, and relevant programming, we build optical usefulness with wide- open visibility, accessibility, and availability for the community to make use of our built and material heritage resources, and we build Community well being, by becoming a place to socially gather, exchange ideas, formulate opinions, and be an active, life long learner. Visit our webpage to learn more about what were doing at the Fort la Reine Museum.

Capital Campaign launched to build new Visitors Centre - Museum to become year round facility

The Fort la Reine Museum is renewing its purpose as a place for the community and tourists to see as both a destination, and as a starting point for an adventure.

Strategically located on the gateway to Portage la Prairie and Central and Western Canada, we’re a part of the “Road Culture”, a landmark of the road ecology that connects Canada from sea to sea. Through our Canada 150 infrastructure renewal projects, and our current provincially funded project, for a concept design and feasibility study for a new Visitor’s Centre, the Fort la Reine Museum and Portage Tourism is moving on a forward thinking trajectory to 2019.

Be a Pioneer - build a legacy for generations to come

Our fundraising goal will create and erect a shared vision - a new Visitor's Centre at the Fort la Reine Museum. Imagine a rural museum that becomes a year round State of the art tourist destination, a place to create, recreate, to enjoy, to learn, to socialize, to slow down and engage with. Be a Pioneer. Join us in co-creating this vision, building a cultural hub and legacy to the Portage community, for Manitoba, and all Canadians to enjoy. 

Our Goal: $2,000,000

Time Remaining: 2 years

Fundraiser Ends June 20, 2019