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Exhibit Workshops

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The Spanish Flu & Wallace Mausoleum

Video Available: June 16, 2021

Join James Kostuchuk as he explains how the Spanish Flu impacted Portage la Prairie in 1918-1919. His presentation also includes an update on the Wallace Mausoleum restoration project at Hillside Cemetery. The Wallace Mausoleum Restoration Project is currently being undertaken by the Portage Heritage Advisory Committee.


Virtual Tour of the 1900s Doctor's Office

Video Available: June 30, 2021

Have you ever wondered how doctors treated the sick during the height of the Spanish Flu (1918-1919)? Follow along on a virtual tour of the 1900s doctor's office at the Museum and learn about medicinal practices from over 100 years ago, and how one prairie doctor risked his life to treat those inflicted by the Flu.


"Unmasking Influenza" Documentary (2018)

Video Available: July 14, 2021

What can be learned from the Spanish Influenza pandemic of 1918? The official "Unmasking Influenza" documentary, brought to you by CPAC, asks Canadians if we are ready for the next big pandemic. While this documentary was produced in 2018 and was not aware of Covid-19, our public health system and virus preparedness strategies can now be considered with Covid-19 in mind. 


Escape Dr. McGavin's Office Puzzles

Video Available: July 28, 2021

We are bringing back some puzzles from our 2019 escape room experience! Watch as teams struggle to figure out the Spanish Flu themed puzzles. Will they figure them all out before the timer goes off? Only time will tell...

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