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Artefact Donations

Since opening in 1967, the Fort la Reine Museum has accumulated over 5000 historic artefacts and memorabilia from Portage and surrounding District. Due to capacity limitations, we are no longer accepting artefact donations (with the exception of significant items from regionally recognized historic figures, and items that tell of a larger history of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, and Canada). 


By being selective about what the Museum accepts, we can insure that we are able to ethically care for our collection and display artefacts that directly reflect our mandate.

Monetary Donations

As a non-profit organization and registered charity, we rely on monetary donations to offer extra programs and events for out community, as well as for general operations. Your contribution is greatly appreciated, and any donation over $50.00 will be given a charitable receipt to be used for personal tax deductions. 


Interested in supporting us long-term? Your one time donation to our Endowment Fund helps to sustain us into the future. Donations may be given in person, or online!

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